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5 Reasons Why a Safari is Great for Family Bonding

3 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences

If you are planning a family vacation, turn your sights away from the gorgeous beaches and exciting cities for a moment and consider these reasons why a safari is great for family bonding.

A Safari is The Ideal Break from Routine

During our daily lives, we are all so engrossed in what we must accomplish each day, that there’s no time left for anything, let alone communicating with each other. On safari, this all changes.

While you’re ‘cut off’ out in the bush, your familiar stress-inducing routine is far out of reach. There’s no rushing to catch your favourite show, no newspaper to fill your days with bad news, and importantly, no deadlines to meet.

What will you do with all that time? You’ll get to know the people around you again that’s what. When your own mind is not cluttered with busy-ness, you are more present to those around you and you can focus fully on meaningful interactions.

Connecting Thanks to Lack of Connectivity

Internet connectivity is possible at most safari lodges, however, it’s not always reliable and not very fast.

The constant beeping and buzzing of technological devices practically rule our lives back home. When the signal goes, you’ll find you and your children (especially teenagers) can look each other in the eyes again and have a conversation.

With no way to broadcast our thoughts online with friends, we are forced to share them with each other. Within a day or so, once you’re over the withdrawals, you will have forgotten that the internet exists. There are so many better things to do on safari anyway.

Overcome Challenges Together

Although it’s unlikely that you will ever be in any real danger on safari, coming face to face with an elephant or pride of lions is intimidating stuff. Families that share these kinds of adrenaline-inducing activities are automatically drawn closer to one another.

Travel is fraught with lesser opportunities for working things through together too. Flights can be delayed, rain can spoil the best-laid plans, and wild animals can arrive (or not) as they please. You’ll soon discover how your family members react to stress if an errant bat makes its way into your room.

A Family That Eats Together…

It’s a well-known fact that shared mealtimes with no phones allowed are essential for building strong family relationships. We know this but when last did anyone do it?

At Thornybush, meal times are a communal affair. Either you will all be eating together in the dining room or around the boma fire, there’s no escaping each other.

Before too long you’ll find those initial awkward silences are filled with excited chatter about the day’s sightings, new things learned and anticipation of the next adventure.

Take the Next Step

Research suggests that experiences are far more valuable than anything money can buy. Get in touch with us today and start planning a family safari that you’ll be talking about for years to come.