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5 Ways to Find Wellness on Safari

12 Nov 2021 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences

As the year starts coming to a close, we are no doubt starting to search for ways to find a bit of reprieve from the monotonous plod of pandemic life. If you’re looking for a well-deserved time out, and an opportunity to top-up that wellness bank, booking a safari could be your way to do just that.

We understand that travellers are straddling the fence between booking that long-haul holiday to escape daily life but also are more conscious than ever of what health security lies on the other side. Our need for wellness and a good time out is replacing the adventurous “go-go-go” holidays as our health is being put first. So how exactly does going on safari offer our mind, body and soul a wellness experience?

Here are five safari-wellness no-brainers that will make you go “om” and book your safari escape in no time:

1. Food for the safari-soul

Long-haul flights, foreign foods and interruption to our daily routines certainly come with an inevitable effect on our gut. Finding simple ways to restore some normality to our diets needs to be key when travelling. At Thornybush our chefs understand this, which is why our meals are served with nutrition and variety in mind. Plus, never skimping on that moreish flavour that will see you serving for seconds. And if it’s the lighter side of a meal you want? The option is always there to eat as you wish from the personal platters you are served.

We understand that food is fuel and, more importantly, food goes hand-in-hand with the joy factor. You’ll find our chefs seek to incorporate flavours that put smiles on faces, and will undoubtedly raise your wellness clock to a level of unbridled joy. From wholesome, colourful-platter goodness and hearty, well-balanced dining, to the early-morning, pre-safari fuelling station and the all-out evening feast (and indeed every morsel in between), you’ll find yourself leaning back in full satisfaction. Tuck into every snack, salad, meal and dessert without guilt or hesitation, and let your food-babies rejoice!

2. Bond with the outdoors

Africa’s recipe for wellness comes with the beauty of her space. Rolling open plains, high mountain vistas and arms-wide-open skies force your being into openness. As many travellers are seeking ways to “break free” from their 40-hour screen time, going on safari guarantees an immediate grounding effect to reconnect with nature. From setting out on your first afternoon game drive that will quickly start to restore your vision, to finding peace in the infinity of the reserve’s natural surroundings, it’s about letting nature take the wheel and enjoying the ride of full restoration. 

Guided walking safaris are also a great way to really feel natures healing powers, as our expert guides will walk you into the reserve, you’ll find your brain working in new ways. If it’s listening to the rustles of the bush, or absorbing the many lessons of bush school from your guide – we can guarantee there is no better wellness trick than a guided walk for a full body and mind workout.

3. Pamper yourself

Imagine this: you’ve started the morning off with an incredibly exciting game drive followed by the lavish spread of breakfast delights, and just as your body is starting to feel the effects of a high-adrenaline morning excursion you’re whisked away to your room for a private spa treatment… and it’s only 10 AM. 

The definition of wellness is synonymous with spa treatments, and at our lodges, we encourage the use of our therapists to bring you back down to earth (or rather, send you into a floating cloud) helping you adjust to a slower, African pace. Our therapists are highly trained, using only the best products to ensure full relaxation and quality treatments. You can either choose to have your treatments in our treatment rooms or opt for a private open-air session on your deck.  Bring on the wellness of healing hands, and let your body succumb to the ultimate form of relaxation.

*Please enquire at your selected lodge about our spa menu and treatment options.

4. Catch the Khaki-fever

No, we don’t mean an illness of any sort, “khaki-fever” means that anyone that goes on safari never wants to leave safari – it’s that much of a memorable experience! To think that you’re surrounded by postcard-perfect landscapes, curious creatures in their natural environment, coupled with glorious sunshine, moreish meals, luxurious accommodation and great company, there really is no other holiday experience like it. 

We know that you, as our guests will arrive as friends, and leave as family. You’ll discover our warm welcome parties, engaging and heart-warming storytelling, wildlife surprises when you least expect them, and never-want-to-leave farewells. We know that we’ve created a happiness recipe, and if that’s a key ingredient to wellness, well we may have even added a sprinkle of special sauce: that you’ve travelled with purpose.  

We want to help you give back and help leave our world in a better place. If we can add that feel-good factor and connect you to the rural communities that contribute to our story through village tours, and teach you about what conservation means and why it’s a big cog in the wheel that makes us, us, we know that when you leave you’ll be able to feel that you were a part of something too.

5. Sleep deeply

Catching up on sleep is not an easy thing, especially when you’re surrounded with daily worries, stress and mounting to-do lists that never end – luckily on safari the only to-do list you need to worry about is brushing your teeth.

If you’ve ever slept in a Thornybush bed, read: the famous ‘made-of-clouds’ Saseka Tented Camp beds, then you’ll know that it’s lights-out in seconds. After all the excitement of big-five spotting, delicious meals, pool time and vitamin D is the perfect aid your body needs to rest. And of course, is just another one of those ingredients for a full wellness tank.

But hey, we get it. When morning comes and your wake up call interrupts the sound of sleepy silence (which will be more like the morning chorus of birds) you’ll feel torn between wanting to catch z’s until lunchtime or getting up and seizing the day for another opportunity to spot amazing wildlife… but we’ll tell you now, always take the latter. Safari-siesta’s are just another dollop of the goodness of our wellness way. 

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