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Dinner by Firelight

22 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences & Lodges

Most of the camps at Thornybush Private Nature Reserve have bomas situated just metres from the main guest areas, usually along a lantern or candle lit path. Here you will be greeted by a traditional African reed or latte stick structure, used by African tribes as a place to relax in safety from the surrounding wildlife, tribal wars and even colonists of the 18th and early 19th century.

Taking centre stage is a roaring fire, with flames reaching up towards a sky bedecked with millions of stars, which come out of hiding away from the glare of city lights.

Africa’s greatest entertainers – the denizens of the night, will serenade you during your meal. Hyenas punctuate the night air with their hysterical giggling, jackals chip in with their mournful song and the spine-chilling roar of the lion steals the show. You will gratefully accept your game ranger’s assurances that the animal sounds travel for several kilometers on the thin night air.

Small spotted genets, or even bushbabies, may make an appearance to check out what’s for dinner, and if you are lucky, you may even spot an owl or two in the nearby trees, their eyes glimmering hauntingly in the firelight.


At Thornybush you will enjoy up to five courses, accompanied by wines from South Africa’s most renowned cellars. Meals are far from ordinary too, with such delights as main courses of beef, salmon, ostrich, sweet potato curry soup and parma ham to enjoy. The meals are filling, delicious and never dull. Any special requirements are met with a gracious desire to please and you will be surprised what the Thornybush chefs can whip up in the middle of the wilderness. Ingredients are always fresh and of the finest quality and flavours blend together with a harmony inspired by nature itself.


During this evening repast, you will enjoy the company of your fellow guests and key camp staff who will thrill you with their tales of the day’s adventures. You can look forward to many a tall tale, many interesting facts and a good dash of folklore thrown in, as you relax around the campfire.

Afterwards, linger over a cognac in the guest lounge before retiring to your sumptuous accommodation for a good night’s sleep in preparation for another thrilling day.


What is your favourite part about dining in the bush?