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Chartered Flights to Thornybush Private Game Reserve

3 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences

Time is precious so if you’re looking to maximize every moment spent experiencing the beauty of the bush and the wildlife in it, guests have found that chartered flights to the Thornybush airstrip are the way to go, saving time and effort.

Driving to any one of the twelve lodges in Thornybush Game Reserve is certainly doable, but it can be a little prolonged when you are on a tight schedule, and commercial flights with a transfer do have their drawbacks.

Flexible Itinerary

When you charter a flight you pretty much call the shots. You are free to leave as and when you please and can travel to wherever you want. Light aircraft can land where jumbos just can’t go – and there are many private airstrips that are not suitable for larger aircraft to land on.

Wasted Time

With a chartered flight there is no such thing as arriving hours before you leave just to “hurry up and wait” at the airport. The security checks are really just a matter of exchanging courtesies, while queues simply don’t happen.

Flight Schedules

There are no strict flight schedules and you don’t need to book months in advance. What’s more, flights are rarely delayed or cancelled – giving you the peace of mind to plan ahead with confidence. Some charter companies are able to get you on board with as little as 24-hours’ notice.


You will experience all the comfort and privacy of first class when you charter a plane, allowing you to catch up on work in peace, have a nap or just relax and enjoy the view – from whichever seat suits you.

As for your luggage, unless you forgot to take it out of your vehicle and hand it in, you can rest assured that it will be offloaded on arrival.


Your well being while in transit is of top priority from the moment you enter the terminal and the chances of a security incident on a charter flight are even less than winning the lotto. Although the experience may seem relaxed, safety is very strictly regulated.

Time is Money

The drive from Johannesburg to Thornybush Game Reserve is certainly scenic and will take you approximately 5 hours 30 minutes.

Commercial flights operate daily from Johannesburg to Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit, leaving you a 25-minute transfer, but – in the time it takes to find a secure available parking at a commercial airport and eventually board your plane, you could have already enjoyed a welcome drink overlooking the African savannah.

Your vacation time is precious; cut through the red tape, skip the queues and get here as soon as you can with a chartered flight to our private airstrip.