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Love in the wilderness | A photo story

29 Feb 2024 | By Author Thornybush | Photo Story & Wildlife

Where there is love there is life…and Africa is no exception. Have you ever wondered if animals show affection like humans? Well, to end off the month of love, we’ve rounded up our favourite wildlife photos on the Thornybush reserve that couldn’t resist showing a little affection…


Did you know that elephants use touching to communicate and show affection? In fact, they enjoy a fair amount of PDA! 

I would be lion, if I didn’t say I love you.

Just like domestic cats, lions are affectionate animals and will rub their heads or groom each other to share the love. They’re also big cuddlers!

I’m wild (dog) about you.

Wild dogs show affection towards each other through various behaviours, including licking and nuzzling. Like domestic dogs, wild dogs engage in social bonding and display affectionate behaviours to reinforce their social bonds within their pack.

Self-love like a leopard, fur-real.

Did you know that leopards are predominately solitary animals? But even though that they are the poster kittens for self-love, there is nothing more maternal than the love a female leopard shows towards her cub.

Did you enjoy our love-ly round up of love in the wilderness?  If you’ve taken any photos of Thornybush wildlife on your stay with us, we would love to see it! Who knows, you could end up in our next blog! 

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