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Meet Candice Grover – Community Project Manager

22 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Team

Candice Grover has been working as Project Manager for our community upliftment team at Simbambili since the beginning of 2018. Find out more about this dynamic member of our team and what makes her tick.


Born in South Africa, Candice relocated to the UK with her family at an early age. She spent her formative years in the UK where she was educated in the small picturesque village of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire. After 12 years in the UK she felt the call of Africa and decided to make her way home.

While in the UK and armed with a British passport, Candice was fortunate to indulge her passion for travel and she got to see much of Europe. Her bucket list is far from complete though and she looks forward to many more adventures with her husband Mike.

Travelling is not the only passion that this couple share. Mike is also involved in rural upliftment with Conservation South Africa. They have two children together, Kaylin who is 5 and 2-year-old Casey.

Driving Forces

Candice is passionate about helping people to achieve far more than they ever dreamt possible. She enjoys her role as a mentor – relishing her responsibility as a sounding board to advise and encourage people around her.

She believes in helping people to overcome financial hardship and teaching them how to use the tools at their disposal. In this way, they can move into a positive mindset and focus on their life’s passion.

Why Thornybush?

Candice started her working career at Richard Branson’s Ulusaba Lodge where she worked for  four years before moving on to a position as GM of Djuma Lodge for seven years. Wanting a slower paced life for her children, the move to Simbambili was an easy decision.

Here she coordinates the activities of our community project to ensure that all the lodges are involved.

She gets great satisfaction out of seeing her projects progressing and delights in the personal growth of those she is mentoring.

Candice may be responsible for overseeing the community projects, but the team of ladies at the community gardens still have one up on her when it comes to identifying their produce. They find it hilarious that she still can’t tell the difference between basil and sage.


Candice feels immensely privileged to work in nature among these high-spirited people and amazing animals of the bush.

The elephant is her animal hero. While it may not technically be the King of the animal world, the elephant allows very little to obstruct its progress and moves easily and regally through life.

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