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Meet Moses Khoza – Head Tracker, Saseka Tented Camp

6 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Team

Moses Khoza is one of those people that you can’t help but admire and we’re so fortunate to have him as part of our team at Thornybush. He’s totally unflappable no matter what and it’s this cool demeanor that serves him well in his job.

Moses loves his position as head tracker at Saseka Tented Camp and is always willing to help his peers craft extraordinary experiences for our guests.

An Early Start

Moses grew up in the village of Justica, west of the Kruger National Park’s Kruger Gate. His earliest memories of wildlife are those he gleaned from school excursions into this wildlife bastion of South Africa.

He took the lessons he learned on these day trips to heart, developing a passion for conservation which has continued his whole life. He completed his tracker training at Londolozi where he also gained some experience, before joining the Thornybush Collection in 2012.

Personal Story

Moses has an 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, but his greatest love will always be ‘hunting down’ wild animals to show guests.

He is particularly fond of leopards since their elusive nature provides him with new challenges every day. Lions are another story and are the only animal that’s ever given him a spot of bother during his duties. He tells of an occasion where he came across a pride of lions on a kill during a game walk.

Close Encounter with a King

The king of beasts and his kin were none too impressed with the interruption and started towards Moses, who was alone and unarmed at the time.

Fortunately, his training meant that he is well equipped to deal with situations just like this one. He managed to distract them long enough so that he could scuttle up a nearby tree and call for backup.

Faced with an armed game guard, the lions backed off and everyone retreated to a safe distance as quickly as possible.

Fireside Tales

At Saseka Tented Camp you’re likely to hear this story (and many others) while gathered around the fireside in the evening. Saseka Tented Camp is small and exclusive which gives guests extra opportunities to get to know our personnel and share their exciting experiences.

If you’d like to enjoy the utmost personal attention on your safari, Saseka Tented Camp is the place to be, PLUS you’re guaranteed to have someone doing all the hard work finding leopards for you too.

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