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Meet Precious Ndlovu – Manager, Chapungu Tented Camp

6 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Team

We are fortunate to have a wealth of talent when it comes to our employees at Thornybush, yet there will always be the few individuals that stand out. Precious Ndlovu is one of these people and we’re extremely fortunate to have her manage Chapungu Tented Camp.

Keeping it Local

As far as possible, we like to employ people from neighbouring villages, Precious was born and raised in nearby Sgagula at Acornhoek, and her family still live there.

After school, she studied at Modjadji Technical College, where she attained her N6 qualification in Public Relations. Precious put her skills to good use working at Timbavati Safari Lodge and Lion Sands River Lodge before joining her husband, Kilmon, a nature guide at Thornybush Collection, in 2008.

This power-couple have been together for 15 years and have two sons named Prosperity and Killan.

Leading the Pack

With excellent people skills, Precious is a natural leader and loves to show the way by example. She’s passionate about making our guests feel right at home and is an avid conversationalist who loves to learn more about their home countries and cultures.

Confident and driven, Precious is as dedicated to self-empowerment as she is to helping others. It is her sworn ambition in all her duties to elevate Chapungu Tented Camp to ever-higher levels.

Special Interests

Apart from her love of excellence in all that she attempts, Precious is a devout Christian and loves to meet up with her peers at weekly church services. She’s a humble soul who’s happy to keep herself busy indoors when she’s not off exploring the world on travel adventures or delighting our guests with her charms.

What’s in a Name?

While her Christian name may be appropriate in every way, Precious’ surname is not quite so accurate. Ndlovu means elephant in isiZulu, but these animals are not among her favourites.

Being a little apprehensive among these giants of the bush, imagine her alarm when she encountered a herd of elephant heading straight for her camp one day.

They advanced until they reached the pool, drank the water, trampled the garden and pushed over a couple of trees before wandering off the way they came.

Elephants aren’t the only ones who like to visit our camp either. In another incident, a baby leopard stole the cushions from Chapungu’s bar area (you can watch the thief in action right here), most likely to repurpose them as chew toys, the way kittens do.

Despite this naughty behaviour, Precious still loves the leopard above all other animals.

Get Your Fill of the Action

If you’d like to enjoy some close encounters of the 4-legged kind on safari, get in touch and book your ringside seats at Chapungu Tented Camp. You know you’ll be in good hands.