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Proudly South African

10 Dec 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences & News

What a year it has been, and yet we feel that gratitude is probably the strongest underlying emotion we are experiencing right now, even after the traumatic time we have all faced. Amongst all the chaos and turbulence there have been plenty positive lessons learnt, many obstacles overcome, lots of happy experiences shared and incredible support from our fellow South Africans.


With our turbulent history it is fair to say that as a nation South Africans have historically experienced various forms of trauma, and yet as a country we have managed to overcome them by remaining united and firm. Perhaps it is our philosophical concept of Ubuntu that continues to guide us through tough times, like 2020 and all that Covid-19 presented.

A simple translation of Ubuntu would be “I am, because you are”. The roots of this term come from an African philosophy which is based around community: common unity, oneness, you and me both. If anything, we have been deeply moved by the incredible sense of Ubuntu that we have experienced from our South Africans Travellers. You have come together and shown us support, love and strength in ways we never imagined. 


We are hugely grateful for the unbelievable source of strength you have provided for us as an industry, the encouragement we have received has kept us going and for that we are humbled and eternally grateful.

We have rekindled old relationships and made lots of new friends. When we needed you the most you were there for us, lifting our spirits and reminding us all why we were here in the first place. We have a shared, deep love and appreciation for this beautiful country that we all call home.


We don’t want it to end now. We continue to offer amazing specials which means there is simply no excuse not to come back soon and spoil yourself at one of our lodges in this incredible bushveld environment.

We appeal to you to share the Thornybush safari experience with others, spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues. Alternatively, if you have visited us recently then send us some of your memorable safari images with a review and we will share it on our social media pages: 

Sala Kahle 

This too shall pass, and we promise all our South African supporters that we will continue to keep our doors wide open for you. Stay well, stay safe. We cannot wait to have you back to share some of our Thornybush magic with you.