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Saseka Tented Camp’s biggest fans – Meet Larry & Sandy

5 Jul 2021 | By Author Thornybush | Uncategorised

An Interview with fourth time visitors to Saseka Tented Camp

Across the safari-tourism scene South African residents are able to take advantage of discounted rates enabling them to experience numerous luxury safaris for the first time. If there is one good thing that lockdown in South Africa and this pandemic has created it’s the increase in local travellers getting to know their backyard at affordable prices. We at Thornybush have had the pleasure of hosting many local tourists at our lodges, who have taken advantage of our SA residents discounted rates. 

Two of these guests, Sandy and Larry Kirsten have just departed from their third visit to Saseka Tented Camp since October last year.We caught up with them over a GnT to find out what these discounted prices have meant to them, what it is about Saseka Tented Camp that has them coming back again and again, and why they love a safari experience. 


Thornybush: “Larry and Kirsten, what a pleasure to meet you both! Welcome back! It’s your 3rd visit to Saseka, right?” 

Larry and Kisten: “Thank you Masego! Yes, it’s our 3rd time here since October 2020, and soon to be fourth as we’re coming back in November. This time we’re bringing along another couple that joined us on our second visit.” 

Thornybush: “That’s awesome! What is making you return in November specifically?”

Larry and Kirsten: “To be honest, we love it here and have to make use of the SA resident rates while we still can!”

Thornybush: “What about Saseka has you coming back for more? Any particular experience?”

Larry and Kirsten: “We love everything! It is a world class experience, from the minute we arrive, the great staff, the accommodation, the game drives , the food, the feeling of being spoiled and pampered every minute of the stay. Not to mention the luxury and privacy one feels with the limited amount of guests. It ticks all the boxes for us for a safari experience.”

Thornybush: “But it’s not just Thornybush that is offering SA resident rates, have you been to other luxury five-star lodges?”

Larry and Kirsten: “We have not. And why would we when we have everything we need from this experience right here at Saseka? It’s our ultimate stay.”

Thornybush: “What does the SA resident pricing mean to you? Has it had an impact on the travel choices you’ve made in the last year?”

Larry and Kirsten: “It means that if it continues, we will definitely be returning at least once a year! As luxury safari experiences have been out of our budget prior to this, it’s definitely allowed us to explore our backyard. For the same pricing as the normal full pricing of Saseka we would rather be going overseas on a 10-Day cruise ship experience for the same cost.”

Thornybush: “Is there anything in particular about Saseka that you want other guests to know about?”

Larry and Kirsten: “Absolutely everything is of a world class standard. You don’t get more luxury than this on safari.”

Thornybush: “From a safari perspective, how does Saseka fill those needs?”

Larry and Kirsten: “The game viewing is more than one could ever dream of! We have compared our sightings to many of our friends’ experiences and no one can compare to the sightings we’ve had at Saseka. We have friends who grew up in the Kruger National Park and they are stunned at the sightings we’ve had. 

We’ve got to do a special mention to Joe, he is an absolutely amazing host and guide. Not only is he so knowledgeable about the game and the birds but he can even tell you about the stars!

The staff at Saseka are just all so nice and professional, but at the same time warm and welcoming. We never feel like just a number. We loved the little touches like the hot water bottles on the game drive for cold mornings and the detail of the sundowners. There is nothing more one could ask for.”

Thornybush: “What intrigues you most about the design and layout of the camp?”

Larry and Kirsten: “I don’t think there can be better safari accommodation anywhere in the world. The tents are beautiful, the atmosphere and the detail are just amazing, and the private pool… it’s incredible. We love the view from our room deck onto the river bed and how the Nyalas are always around the swimming pool. The feeling of the wide openness of the main lodge with the ceiling details and the interiors makes for such a beautiful area. Plus the fact that there is a limited amount of accommodation and therefore limited guests makes a huge difference to that personal feeling too.”

Thornybush: “Is there anything specific you want to mention about the interiors or anything that can be improved on?”

Larry and Kirsten: “We love it the way it is. It’s perfect. The colour scheme is beautiful, the details and decor choices. It’s not the typical bush look. And to top it off the staff uniforms are also so complimery to the space. We love it.”

Thornybush: “What lovely feedback, thank you so much Larry and Kirsten! We hope that you enjoy your next visit and we look forward to catching up with you on your amazing sightings in the future. Keep safe and well!”