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Lending a Helping Hand – Sierra Nevada College

23 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Community Projects

Every year, Thornybush welcomes volunteer students from Sierra Nevada College (SNC) near Lake Tahoe, Nevada with great enthusiasm. These hard-working young people have been visiting Thornybush Private Game Lodge for the past six years as part of their Service Learning Program.

Each year, the team leader works with the lodge staff to identify worthwhile projects for the team’s attentions. On their last visit, the 32 students were extremely helpful in facilitating some improvements for our local communities. Along with much-needed manpower, the students also made a significant financial contribution to our projects.

This time, the students got stuck in to the following tasks:

Manyangana High School

At Manyangana High School, an entire block of classrooms had become totally unusable due to lack of electricity, a bat infestation and general disrepair.

With the help of the college students the walls were patched and painted and desks were repaired. Some of the funds were used to hire an electrician and buy library shelves. Now the students at Manyangana can go back to their classroom and have a neatly organised library with a study area. The bats left of their own accord.

To test out the newly revamped facilities, the SNC students held tutoring lessons in Accounting, Science, Math and English for the learners.

Hananani Primary School – Dixie

Likewise, two classrooms at Hananani Primary School received a much-needed coat of paint. While they were there, the students from SNC made an awesome new sign for the Hananani garden too.

Team Work

Aside from the hard work put in by these students, the most amazing part of their visit was that the Sierra Nevada delegation achieved all this in just 3 days and with a budget of only R72 000.

We are extremely proud of the outstanding work done by these young people and look forward to welcoming Sierra Nevada College again next year.

More About Our Community Projects

Inzalo Community Projects is proud to be responsible for helping to uplift our local community and support them where we can. Thanks to the generosity of our donors we can assist the people in our surroundings with education, basic healthcare, food and employment.

If you want to contribute to the success of our ongoing community projects, get in touch to make a donation or book your South African safari with Thornybush. A portion of your accommodation fee goes towards these worthy initiatives.