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Teenagers on Safari

3 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences

Sometimes you need to disconnect in order to reconnect with your children. In today’s technology-driven world, this is definitely the case and a safari at Thornybush Game Reserve is the perfect place to start.

Step Away from the Phone

If you’ve been pulling out all the plugs trying to get your teenager away from their mobile device/s, a safari holiday is just about your best chance. Internet connectivity in the wilderness is nothing to write home about, if it exists at all. Television? Forget about it.

Taking your teenagers on safari is a sure-fire way to get their attention, and all of it.

Help is at Hand

At first you might meet with some resistance, but stick to your guns. Once you get here, it won’t take long before the bush works its magic.

In spite of their determination to be petulant and bored, they’ll soon start to enjoy themselves. The rangers and camp staff will make sure of that.

Doing Things Together

Unlike younger children who may need special attention to keep them busy, teenagers are able to participate in all the same activities as adults. That means you’ll get to spend more time with them.

This will involve shared experiences that can’t help but bring you closer together. At very least it will give you common ground for conversation.

Scrap the Rules

Replacing your same-old-same-old routine with exciting daily excursions paves a route straight across the generation gap. Discovering new adventures together puts you all on the same page.

Treating yourselves to an all-inclusive Thornybush safari removes all these areas of friction and allows the whole family to ‘just be’.

There’s no one to impress while either, so teenagers are free to drop the cool-kids act and be themselves without any peer pressure.

A Change in Routine

The initial moaning about getting out of bed early for a morning game drive is sure to vanish after the first day’s sightings. FOMO should be firmly established by day 2.

Most safaris have a pretty structured schedule. This appeals to the sense of routine that teenagers will never admit they crave. In between activities there’s little to do except communicate with each other or, heaven forbid, read a book.

At first even adults battle to cope with this down time as it’s hard to wean yourself from the modern day norm of busyness, distraction and diversion – all in the name of technology. However, when faced with no choice, the only option is to immerse yourself in the relaxation that you and your family really need.

Make a commitment to reconnect with your family when you book a safari holiday at Thornybush Private Game Reserve.