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That Safari Feeling

29 Sep 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences

Why do so many people find themselves drawn to the African wilderness, yearning to go on a safari even if they have never experienced it before? There is no real, profound answer, however it is this intangible quality that makes it so powerfully fascinating and appealing. 

Measuring True Worth

What nature provides can often not be quantified: economic measurements cannot communicate the true worth of nature, and scientific measurements fall short of allocating the true value that nature brings to individuals. This explains why it is almost impossible to measure the entrenched connection between the human spirit and a natural environment. 

The force and strength that nature expresses is best understood when we experience it first hand, and what better place to experience this, than in the African bush on a safari!

Rejuvenating Your Soul

There are feelings and emotions that are conjured up in the bush that are so intense they become unforgettable, as well as addictive. A morning spent tracking buffalo on foot can be so thrilling that you feel invigorated for weeks after. 

Nature never stops giving, one place where this is experienced in an intense and emotive way is on safari. In a world where we take so much for granted we forget the importance of being in an environment that may not offer tangible goods, but rather offerings in terms of beauty, spirituality and sensory awakening. 

Awakening Your senses

There are so many things to fall in love with while in the bushveld: millions of stars decorating the sky, wide open spaces, the colours of sunset or simply the feeling that you have returned to a place that feels like home. Without a doubt though, one of the most significant aspects is the heightening of all your senses. 

Throughout the night you may be aware of unusual sounds – the roaring of a distant lion or insistent call of a nightjar.  With so little distraction, it’s hard not to become aware of the sounds of nature that, while constant, have a soothing effect on a nervous system. 

There are also the sights that stir something deep within: it could be the thrill of a male leopard walking past your vehicle, or getting close to a herd of elephants with their babies. Perhaps, it is simply the late afternoon light in the long grass that moves you, or the shape and texture of a tree trunk.  Experiencing the rich tapestry of nature, in an untouched environment, is essential to well-being.

Everlasting Experiences

It is an impossible task to find one single reason for the connection we feel to the natural environment of the bush, and why we long for it. Once you have experienced the rawness that Africa has to offer, you will struggle to stay away from it.