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Travel Guarantees

28 Sep 2020 | By Author Thornybush | News

After several months of life changing events we are all acutely aware of the major economic effects that COVID-19 has had on almost every business and person across the globe. 

Travel business revival

Travel is one of the industries that has been impacted the hardest due to travel bans, border closures and different levels of lockdown in various countries.  With South Africa’s international borders reopening on 1 October, it is time to kickstart the revival of our businesses.

Over the last 6 months there has been many concerns voiced  around the financial health of the tourism industry and the flow and security of funds. This includes travellers concerns regarding the security of their prepaid funds for deposits or balance payments.  We believe prepaid monies should be held in a financially protected environment to provide travellers, travel businesses and suppliers with complete peace of mind and security.  

Giving you reassurance

We are actively seeking workable solutions to achieve this however, in the meantime, we would like to clarify our current position and give you peace of mind:

  1. Thornybush is a longstanding, firmly established business, founded in 1998.  During the past 22 years we have survived general ups and downs, political challenges, and crises such as Ebola and 9/11.  
  2. We are well funded by our reputable and solid shareholders; this – in conjunction with a consistent responsible approach to fastidiously protecting client’s prepaid funds – has allowed us to weather trading challenges, always uphold our obligations and consistently grow.
  3. First National Bank, our longstanding financiers, have reaffirmed their full commitment to Thornybush.  Alongside our shareholders we have developed a right-size / re-engineering strategy and financial plan that will ensure our survival and revival.  
  4. Thornybush remains a liquid and financially strong business.
  5. We will continue to fastidiously protect prepaid monies by way of rigorous management of prepaid funds.  Prepaid monies will continue to be ring-fenced and constantly monitored by our board of directors, financiers, and auditors, to ensure responsible financial management and financial protection.

Coming out stronger 

Our continued responsible management of all prepaid funds means that all our guests can have peace of mind and that prepaid monies are safely protected and their dream safari is not at risk in any way.

We will continue to honour our commitments and in so doing, grow even stronger relationships as we move forward into a new and exciting era of Thornybush safaris.