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What’s on the Menu at Thornybush?

2 Jan 2020 | By Author Thornybush | Experiences

Dining is an important part of African culture and a highlight of your all-inclusive safari at any one of the Thornybush Game Lodges.

Three meals, teas, drinks and snacks (often with a local flavour), are all part of the package when you stay with us. You will be amazed at what our ingenious chefs are able to create in seemingly limited conditions, no matter what your preferences are – from vegan deserts to diabetic snacks!

What to expect

Wake-up Call Snack

Your first wake-up call (before the morning game drive) comes with the humble rusk – presented alongside early morning coffee. These are really just oversized biscuits, similar in texture to Melba toast and perfect for soaking up warm beverages on a chilly morning.

At this point you may also come across rooibos (Red bush) tea, which is indigenous to South Africa and is just as healthy as it tastes.


Breakfast brings a feast of homemade muesli, cold meats, cheeses, cooked eggs, bacon, sausages, and fruit. All familiar favourites, unless you didn’t know that pawpaw is the same as papaya, spanspek is just a sweet melon, and that oat porridge is sometimes called ‘Jungle Oats’ – which was once the only brand of oats available in South Africa and has nothing to do with wildlife.

You will also find that breakfast is not always served at the lodge – sometimes a bush-breakfast is set up for guests, but you’ll have to come and stay to find out what this entails.

Lunch Buffet

Lunchtime is usually self-service with a spread of pasta, roast meat, vegetables, and inventive gourmet salads.

Afternoon Snack

Snacks are once again served just before the afternoon game drive. You can expect sweet treats and savoury morsels to keep you topped up while you’re out looking for animals.


Dinner is served on your return from the evening game drive. You can look forward to a set menu made up of a whole range of meals for all dietary preferences.

Between Meals

In between, you will be plied with snacks of all descriptions, from biltong and dried meat, which is the South African equivalent of jerky, to koeksisters – syrupy twists of dough, and all manner of cakes which give away our colonial heritage.

At the Bar

When it comes to quenching your thirst, local Cape wines are a worldwide hit, craft gins, cocktails of all descriptions and fresh juices are all available. You could even sample a shot of Amarula, a unique and delicious local liqueur made from the marula fruit – or a Don Pedro, which is basically a whisky milkshake.

Thornybush is also serious about buying local where possible – so most of the fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from surrounding farms and community gardens – offering a sustainable solution to what would ordinarily be a challenging task in such a remote area.

Of course the best way to experience what we have to offer the taste buds is on a safari with us, so get in touch and book – we can’t wait to show you some of our favourite delights.