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Set within the Greater Kruger National Park.

Thornybush is a collection of luxury lodges in the world-renowned wilderness areas of Sabi Sand and Thornybush Nature Reserve. Big 5 encounters and the sheer diversity of wildlife have helped establish Thornybush as a leading destination in the Greater Kruger Park area. It’s the people here, however, that are the real secret to our bush magic. Our guides lead with an expertise and intuition that’s second to none, while our close-knit teams within the lodge, from the receptionists to the chefs, create the homely environment our guests recognise as that ‘Thornybush feeling’.

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Christopher & Family · Follow
20th Sep 2020

We had the most wonderful trip in late August to Thornybush Game Lodge once Local travel restrictions had been lifted. The game viewing & birding was phenomenal & the service & food was exceptional, we highly recommend visiting Thornybush especially given that they are offering such exceptional rates currently

Supporting Our Local Community

Thornybush Luxury Game Lodge created The Thornybush Community Projects, a non-profit organisation established with the objective of nurturing and uplifting our surrounding local community.

The majority of our staff come from the surrounding local communities, so we see it as our duty to do our best to make a positive contribution, especially with the needs that are continually evident within such a rural setting.



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