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SEDIWA HUB at Nourish Eco Village


Earlier this year, Thornybush Community launched the SEDIWA Hub at Nourish Eco Village. This initiative has linked conservation needs with community goals and aims to establish sustainable solutions to improve education, food security and employment.

Visiting the Hub at Nourish Eco Village is a rewarding experience for our guests and one of the ways Thornybush has opened the doors to cultural tourism.

Thornybush Community recently collaborated on an exciting project with our NPO partner Nourish and the Andersen Construction Foundation to create the SEDIWA Hub at Nourish Eco Village.


SEDIWA Hub at Nourish Eco Village

Nourish and SEDIWA (Sustainable Enterprise Development in Wildlife Areas) have two focus areas: connecting communities and conservation and enabling those communities to generate income through entrepreneurship and enterprise.

The SEDIWA Hub provides accredited and non-accredited training as well as hands-on learning in everything from basic early childhood development to financial literacy, sewing, hydroponics and agro processing (making chilli sauces, chutneys, and jams, for example).

A computer lab encourages children and adults to learn essential tech skills, but also enables start-ups and small business owners to use Internet banking, websites, and social media platforms.

Visiting Nourish Eco Village is a great cultural tourism experience as it allows our guests to see how various projects educate and improve the livelihoods of our local communities.

It also brings together people from all walks of life and supports sustainability of the SEDIWA Hub through its coffee shop, bakery and craft store. Nourish Eco Village is located just outside Thornybush Private Nature Reserve. The tour takes about three hours and transfer costs are quoted
on request.

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Lindsay Hanekom
General Manager: Thornybush Community

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