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Wild Shots Outreach, engagement through wildlife.

Founded in November 2015, the Wild Shots Outreach programme’s aim is to engage young people from disadvantaged communities in wildlife and wild places through interactive picture taking. Prioritising high school students from government schools bordering the Greater Kruger National Park, thier aim is to educate new skills, by introducing the youth to the natural world. Through inspirational course content which encompasses many on-the-ground practical skills we’ve seen a raise in aspirations of these young learners, dubbing them our “conservationists of tomorrow”.

The course

The course module consists of five workshop sessions, to refine and create a familiarity around this new skill. At the end of each course, thier learners are welcomed on a game drive which takes place in our Thornybush Reserve. This has undoubtedly been the favourite part of the learners journey, as it inspires and allows them to exercise their new skills out in the wild. As motivation to maintain the learners interest and promote the ongoing practise of this programme, each school receives a camera donated by Wild Shots Outreach, which is shared amongst the learners.

Our Purpose
Unforgettable Wildlife Sightings
Life-altering Safari Experiences
Continue with our journey in sustainability and community

The Thornybush partnership

Thornybush Community Projects saw an opportunity to partner with Wild Shots Outreach in early 2018 to assist this wonderful project with access into the reserves in which our Safari lodges operate. Since our partnership, we have provided over 350 young learners from local communities with their first ever safari game drive experience. 

Should you wish to support this enlivening initiative, we would encourage any donations of old DSLR camera equipment or binoculars. As Thornybush Community, we are delighted to have the opportunity to support such an invaluable initiative and to keep these learners seeing the world through a conservation lens.

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