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About Hananani Primary School

Hananani Primary is a public school which offers education to 253 learners ages 5 through 13.

The name Hananani means “Giving”. The school was founded in 1983, it was voluntarily built by Mr Mdluli Petrus, who was a businessman from a neighbouring community. The school has 15 staff members and offers variety of subjects including English, Mathematics, Lifeskills/Life Orientation, Technology, Natural/Social/Economic Sciences, Creative Arts and Home Language (Xitsonga).

With the Hananani Primary School, we set up and then helped to run a vegetable garden which provides the school kitchen with fresh produce to feed all 253 learners one solid meal every day. Many of the children who attend this school are from disadvantaged backgrounds, where financial hardship makes eating three healthy, balanced meals every day a dream rather than a reality.

The garden produces peppers, carrots, onions, spinach and beetroot for the meals. Since this produce is grown right on the property, and often harvested on the day that they are needed, it ensures each meal is packed with fresh, nutrient dense properties.

The gardens are also under the watchful eye of one of our passionate entrepreneurs, Keysman Nkuna, which means that Hananani enjoys an abundance of food, which many other schools on government feeding schemes do not.

Children are often taken into the vegetable garden to learn about where their food comes from, how it’s grown and why it’s good for them, helping to foster a healthy attitude towards food, nutrition and diet.

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